Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm a Project Pan failure

So on July 24, I officially started a project pan. I laid out all my rules about what would be included and how long the no buy would last. I was feeling pretty good. But it crashed to the ground. I ended up breaking down and buying the WnW Walking on Eggshells trio, Redken Guts, Redken Iron Silk and Redken Sheer Straight. I think I failed because I had put a lot of rules and restrictions on myself that just plain made me unhappy. And I didn't post the details of my project on here because I was afraid I would fail and I didn't want that to be public. But my stash box is very full and this needs to happen whether I want to or not.

So I'm going to start over. I'll post all the rules here and also have a page just for tracking my progress. I'll also write some reviews along the way.
So here are the rules.
  • Products covered under my no buy/project pan (but not limited to): shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, body sprays, facial cleansers, shave cream.
  • The no buy will end when I can no longer shop my stash for a particular item (Like when I run out of shampoo, I can buy shampoo but not anything from the other categories.)
  • For an item to count, it must be all used up and thrown away without any intention of repurchasing.
  • Sample/travel sizes do not count towards the total number but must be used up as well.
  • I will still get Birchbox.
  • Makeup is not included and will not count.
  • Once I reach milestone numbers (10, 20, 30), I will be rewarding myself with something special.

I will post updates as blog posts periodically and keep the project pan page fully updated.  Look for my first review coming up sometime this week as well as my Birchbox haul.

Pregnancy Update: 29 weeks! I'm feeling a lot better and a little less crabby about this. My shower was on Saturday and I can't say it was the most fun party I've ever been to but a few people made me feel so special and that was nice. Overall, I'm having a better time with this.

Love, Jessica

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