Friday, July 1, 2011

ELF Haul

So last week ELF ( had a little 52% off studio sale for their facebook friends! I have a whole list of ELF stuff I want but I tried to restrain myself because an Ulta is opening about 20 minutes away in just 2 weeks (which is super awesome because the nearest Ulta until now is a good hour away depending on traffic). My sister and I will be right there for the grand opening so I'll definitely have some pictures for that. But for now I've got my ELF haul and some first impressions for you.

I got the Studio HD powder, 2 Studio powder brushes, Essentials lippies in Fearless, Flirtatious, and Sociable, Studio blush in Candid Coral, Studio cream eyeshadow in Dawn, Essentials travel mirror and Essentials eyelash curler.

Studio High Definition Powder: This just wanted to photograph all dusty looking. Yeah, it definitently isn't all dusty looking on the OUTSIDE. This was a great setting powder. I felt like it just made everything look perfected and smooth. My face felt incredibly smooth and didn't look cakey. The inside of the package got DUSTY super quickly. But other than that, totally worth it!

Studio Powder Brushes: I already own one of these and love it for powder. It makes my powder look less cakey around my chin and nose than my Sigma F30 can. I heard some good things about using it for foundation and blush...yeahhhhh. I feel like I used twice the amount of product and it only looked like medium coverage. As for blush I couldn't tell you but that's the fault of the blush not the brush.

L to R: Sociable, Flirtatious, Fearless
Essentials Lippies: So I already owned one of these lippies in the color Classy and wanted to try some other colors. Pigmentation is awesome but staying power is only mediocre. Fearless is RED. I still haven't figured out how to red without looking like Bozo so I'm hoping this will be a good starting point. I wore flirtatious today and it was kind of bright but very pretty!

Studio Cream Eyeshadow in Dawn: This is a very nice pigmented cream shadow. I wore it today with UDPP and my WnW Color Icon palette and it looked very nice as a base. I'll need to wear it again to know staying power.

Studio Blush in Candid Coral: I got so many recommendations on this color and I had such high hopes. As you can see from the swatch its a super light golden color. It seems so close to my skin color that I felt like I put on a ton of it. I tried it with one of my new studio powder brushes but I switched to my Sigma F40 and still couldn't tell. It gave a kind of golden glow but not what I was hoping for. I'll try again tomorrow.

Studio Lip Lock Pencil: This is supposed to keep your lipstick in place and I have to say it did a good job! It's kind of a waxy stick and the directions say just outline your lips with it. That's what I did and my lipstick did not bleed off of my lips at all today.

Essentials Eyelash Curler: I didn't have an eyelash curler and I heard this was a good one. I wish it was a teeny bit smaller because I had a hard time getting the outer lashes.
Travel Mirror: I needed a purse mirror but I'll probably order another one because I have such a hard time doing my eyes in my vanity mirror because I have to lean over the top of the vanity to get close to the mirror.

So that's what I got. These are just first impressions but if you want a full review on anything let me know and I'll try to get you one within a week or two. If you've got some ELF recommendations or even Ulta recommendations, I'd love to hear them!

Love, Jessica

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